Tron Drop earrings

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Drop circle earrings handcrafted with recycled brass. Hypoallergenic shepherd hook. It comes inside a box made of Papier Antaimoro. Due to the handmade nature of our creations, each item is truly unique and no two will ever be identical.

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Dimensions 5 cm


why it is ethic

The brass used by our craftsmen is 100% recycled. It’s worked in Rasolo’s workshop, in Ambatolampy. This product is handmade in Madagascar, in line with the principles of fair trade. Each purchase helps us to ensure a job for our craftsmen and craftswomen.


If necessary, polish the stone with a damp cloth. Possible oxidations may be removed by lightly scrubbing with a cloth damped in with vinegar. Rinse and dry. Handle with care to avoid scratching the product’s surface.


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