We’re in love with our products, because they spread the power of the alternative to the current economic system, which exploits both human and environmental resources.
contrasts consumerism
Esthéthique was born to celebrate the Malagasy handcraft tradition, updating its style for a cultural exchange and a continuous professional growth; it offers training and mentoring courses for the manufacturers.
continuously promotes the development of North-South relations
Esthéthique guarantees fair salaries to the craftsmen of Madagascar, to assure them a good welfare level and constant salaries.
puts into effect the fair trade criteria
Esthéthique works with constancy and continuity with its craftsmen to guarantee a long-term sustainability for their families. Therefore, among other things, Esthéthique promotes a better access to schooling and healthcare.
fights against child labor and works for women’s empowerment
Esthéthique uses eco-friendly, natural and recycled materials to create its products. Its objective is to constantly stimulate its viewers and maintain a critical thinking.
cares for the environment, starting from its own choices
Business Model
Social Impact


years of presence in Madagascar


Workshops restored


Sons of craftsmen in university and 1 graduate

Continuity of orders to help the craftsmen to make plans with their life


Training courses for the craftsmen


Trees planted in the Zafimaniry region


Support the Malagasy artisans by making a donation to our projects that promote their rights and development. The funds raised thanks to your donations will be used to support the less fortunate workers by improving their eating habits and helping them to complete their studies, helping to fight poverty and ignorance.

Living seeds

The kit contains voanjobory and petsay, endemic types of chickpeas and cabbage, seeds; the kit also contains  the seeds of peanuts, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, carrots and native rice varieties.

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