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Brassworking is quite a recent process in Madagascar. As the aluminum working, it’s bound to the town of Ambatolampy, rich in fine sand, perfect for the construction of the molds. The products are created through a process of fusion, therefore, the molds must be created anew each and every time. The techniques used to craft these products are all manual and require a lot of ability and knowledge of the material. Since 2012, we’ve been working together with an artisan and his small family group who only use recycled material. The brassed used by our craftsmen is obtained from the chips of old computers, appliances and other electrical objects, to be later transformed in jewelry.

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Ambatolampy, RN7, Madagascar

Rasolo is our contact person among the craftsmen who work in a small atelier where they produce brass and copper jewelry. Until a few years ago he was able to keep his activity going with only the local market, though because of the persisting economic and political crisis in Madagascar, it’s no longer possible. It was thanks to Mino, an artisan of the aluminum, and her neighbour that we got to know Rasolo and started working with him.

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