Ambatolampy, Madagascar

Rakotonoely, aka Rasolo, lives in the outskirts of the town of Ambatolampy on the RN7, 80 km from the capital. He used to work in a small electrical workshop, but after the 2009 coup d’état most businesses closed down and he found himself without a job. After that, Rasolo decided to go back on his tracks up to his youthful passion: metalworking.

The Story

At first, Rasolo’s new business didn’t seem profitable; he couldn’t find a market for his goods. Then came Mino, a craftswoman that works with us on the aluminum products, who also happened to be his neighbour, sintroduced him to us and so began our collaboration. Today they are seven, all part of his family, working together and creating items with recycled brass: small jewelry produced by casting. The recycled material is melted inside of refractory stone containers and then casted into molds designed for every single product made out of the sand found in this region.

Recycled Brass

Brassworking is quite a recent process in Madagascar.

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